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Apple Wins Patent For Virtual Speakers, Likely To Use In MacBook



Tech giant Apple has secured a new patent for virtual speakers. The company is likely to use the new audio technology in MacBook. The virtual speakers can simulate sounds from anywhere in the room. It is a virtual acoustic system. This will give an illusion to the users that sound is coming from a different place than loudspeakers. The new system works by using crosstalk canceling technology. It overlaps sound waves that humans ears receive from the natural channels of a speaker. The crosstalk technology is similar to noise cancellation used by the Apple in AirPods Pro. The active noise control is a method that reduces unwanted sound. It adds a second sound that is specifically designed to cancel the first one.


科技巨头苹果公司获得了一项虚拟扬声器的新专利。苹果公司可能会在MacBook上使用新的音频技术。虚拟扬声器可以模拟房间内任何地方的声音。这是一个虚拟的声学系统。这会让用户产生一种错觉,以为声音来自与扬声器不同的地方。新系统采用了串扰消除技术。它与人耳从扬声器的自然通道接收到的声波重叠。串音技术类似于苹果在AirPods Pro中使用的噪音消除技术。主动噪声控制是一种减少有害噪声的方法。它增加了第二个声音,专门用来抵消第一个声音。


The patent on the Crosstalk technology to the Cupertino company was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Apple had originally filed for the patent in 2018. The company said the new technology will greatly enhance the audio signal in a movie, sports or a videogame. It will add to the feeling of being there. The latest technique incorporated by Apple in MacBook is just an example of how technology can shift sound into the background when consuming through a laptop. Apple is known for offering developers tools to build high-quality hardware for its products. The latest patent will make it easy for the company to boost usersexperience the way they listen to audio content.




This is the second time in recent months when Apple has patented new audio technology. Apple was granted a separate patent for headphones that makes phone calls feel more natural. The technology digitally places the voices of callers in the room giving the impression that sound is coming realistic. In other words, the new technology will allow the users to hear where people are located within a room even when they are not physically present. Apple said the augmented reality headphones will be an ideal tool for conference calls. Apple won this patent in November 2019. The two patents won by Apple suggest that the company is investing heavily in boosting usersexperience while they enjoy high-quality audio content.







Matta takes Mata to task for trademark infringement



The Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agentsacronym Matta is a well-known catchphrase for Malaysians who keep a lookout for its annual travel fairs.Of late, however, Matta appears to have a rival with a similar sounding acronym Mata.


马来西亚旅游和旅行社协会(malaysia Association of Tour and Travel Agents)的首字母缩写Matta是马来西亚人熟知的一个用语,他们密切关注着每年一度的旅游交易会。不过,最近Matta似乎有了一个竞争对手,它的首字母缩写词Mata听起来Matta很像。


The acronym Mata used by the Malaysia Association Tour Agency (Persatuan Agensi Pelancong Malaysia) has certainly irked the well-established Matta, no thanks to the confusion the homophones have created in the marketplace.  


马来西亚协会旅行社(Persatuan Agensi Pelancong Malaysia)使用的首字母缩写Mata肯定惹恼了老牌的Matta,而不是因为同音异义词在市场上造成的混乱。


Matta Secretary-General Nigel Wong, in a statement Saturday, said Matta is taking legal action against the newly-registered Mata by issuing a letter of demand citing that the latter has infringed on its trademark, caused misrepresentation and has deliberately passed off Mattas name and goodwill.


Matta秘书长Nigel Wong上周六在一份声明中说,Matta正在对新注册的Mata采取法律行动,发出了一封要求函,称后者侵犯了他们的商标,造成了虚假陈述,并故意假冒Matta的名字和商誉。


We have demanded that Mata cease and desist using the infringing mark and infringing name and we also demanded a public apology to be published in leading national newspapers, failing which Matta will instruct its solicitors without any further delay to commence legal proceedings,he said.Meanwhile, Wong said Matta is currently seeking an explanation from the Registrar of Society (ROS) on the approval for Mata registration.He said this was because ROS recorded that five of the founders and current office bearers of Mata were also the current office-bearers of Persatuan Agensi Pelancongan Umrah dan Haji (Papuh), and two from Malaysia Tourism Council.


他说:“我们已要求Mata停止使用侵权商标和侵权名称,并要求其在全国性的报纸上公开道歉,否则Matta将指示其律师立即开始法律程序。”与此同时,Wong说,马塔目前正在寻求社会注册局(ROS)对批准Mata注册的解释。他说,这是因为ROS记录到,Mata的五名创始人和现任负责人也是Persatuan Agensi Pelancongan Umrah dan Haji (Papuh)的现任负责人,还有两名来自马来西亚旅游委员会。


At present, the 45-year-old Matta has a membership of more than 3,600 comprising travel agencies and tour operators licensed under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture.




Source: www.dailyexpress.com.my





World Intellectual Property Day 2020:Innovate for a Green Future



World IP Day 2020 puts innovation and the IP rights that support it at the heart of efforts to create a green future. Why? Because the choices we make today will shape our tomorrow. The earth is our home. We need to care for it.




The 2020 World Intellectual Property campaign puts innovation and the IP rights that support it at the heart of efforts to create a green future. The campaign also celebrates the many inspiring inventors and creators around the world who are betting on a green future the women, men and young people who are working on cleaner alternatives to legacy fossil-fuel-based technologies and better and more sustainable food and natural resource management systems, and who are using the IP system to support their work and its uptake and use in society.




We explore how a balanced and robust IP system can support the emergence of a green economy that works with and not against the earths life-support systems.We look at how the patent system fosters innovation and the development and diffusion of eco-friendly technologies that enable us tackle the climate crisis and build a green future; how design thinking and design rights together support the optimal use of resources and enable designers to invest their time and talent in creating useful, attractive and eco-friendly products for consumers.




We consider how trademarks and other identifiers support the emergence and growth of businesses built on principles of environmental sustainability, enabling them to offer a broader range of eco-friendly products and services.We see how rights, such as geographical indications are encouraging more sustainable natural resource use and how plant-breeding rights are promoting the development of more resilient crops in support of global food security.And we observe how creators who through the copyright system can earn a living from their work can play a key role in creating a vision of a green future and its untold benefits.




Our commitment, the choices we make every day, the products we buy, the research we fund, the companies we support, and the policies and laws we develop, will determine how green our future is. But with innovative thinking and strategic use of IP rights, sustainability is within reach.





Source: WIPO