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Disney Seemingly Tried to Copyright Claim Baby Yoda GIFs



The Walt Disney Corporation may have issued copyright strikes over animated gifs of a character from Star Wars: The Mandalorian that fans have dubbed Baby Yoda.


迪士尼公司可能对《星球大战:曼德勒人》中一个角色的动图发起了版权攻击,粉丝们将其称为Baby Yoda


For those unfamiliar, the show is set in the Star Wars universe five years after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, and debuted on Disney+ on November 12th. The first episode sees the titular bounty hunter sent after a target- only to find it is a mere infant of the same species as Yoda.




Yodas species has never been given a canon name, and the characters official name is the far less enticing The Child. Audiences soon fell in love with it, and resulted in the far catchier fan-name Baby Yoda.Aside from being a literal Muppet Babyversion of a character most people know, it has large eyes, engages in baby-like behavior, and stranger antics . It also showed a fair degree of intelligence (though still emotionally-stable as an infant), and even some Force powers.




Baby Yodaisnt just a cute piece of Disney merchandise; he (or she?) was absolutely vital to the humanization of Mando, and the moment he chose to spare the Childs life, we understood his intentions. It wasnt just the higher paycheck clasping the Childs tiny hand was a signal that there was a heart of gold underneath that metal.




Nonetheless, Vulture reviewer Kathryn VanArendonk has reported (and tweeted) on November 21st that Disney may have ordered gif sharing website Giphy to remove the Baby Yoda gifs from its website, uploaded by Vulture. Or at least, for a brief time.


尽管如此,1121日,《Vulture》杂志的评论员凯瑟琳·凡纳伦多克(Kathryn VanArendonk)在推特上报道称,迪士尼可能已经要求gif分享网站Giphy从其网站上删除由Vulture上传的宝贝尤达动图。至少在短时间内是这样。


As of writing this article (November 24th, there are still many gifs on the website under The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda search terms. Even Vultures own gifs have returned. As VanArendonk explained (via Forbes), gifs and memes would be protected under US fair uselaws.



This news evokes concerns about how much free speech and fair use is being defended in the US.The US House of Representatives recently approved of the CASE Act, which critics have dubbed the anti-meme bill.While it would allow both parties in a copyright dispute to settle the matter through the Copyright Office, critics are concerned it will allow large corporations to sue for damages of up to $30,000 even in the case of posting transformative works (such as memes).



美国众议院最近通过了CASE Act,批评人士称其为“反恶搞法案”。虽然这将允许版权纠纷的双方通过版权局来解决这个问题,但批评者担心,这将允许大公司甚至在一些像发布表情包这样的创作作品案件中都能提起诉讼,要求最高达3万美元的损害赔偿



AuthorRyan Pearson





Enterprises in ASEAN will soon benefit from a new intellectual property (IP) cooperation signed between Singapore and the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic (Laos). This will allow innovative enterprises swifter access to a combined market of some 12.5 million people across both countries.




The cooperation bridges the innovation ecosystems of both countries to support the translation of ideas, IP and intangible assets (IA) into products and services in the ASEAN region. IPOS will lend its deep technical IP knowledge and services to support Laos in building its innovation ecosystem and contribute to economic integration in ASEAN through IP and IA. Ranked Asias most innovative economy in the Global Innovation Index 2019, Singapore is well positioned to support Laos and the region to grow with IP through its extensive international IP networks and agreements connecting markets that account for over 90% of global trade.




The cooperation covers two broad areas of collaboration:

•  DIP will tap on IPOSpatent search and examination expertise and services to grant quality patents in Laos.

•  DIP will allow Singapore granted patents to be re-registered in Laos, accelerating enterprise access into both markets.






IP today is a key enabler in transforming ASEAN into a highly innovative and economically competitive region. ASEAN has witnessed exceptional growth of IP filings, growing by almost 15% between 2013 to 2017.[1]Total inventions by ASEAN applicants stood at more than 37,000 in the last decade, with an average annual increase of 12.5% between 2008 to 2013.[2] ASEAN is projected to become the fourth largest economy by 2030.


今天,知识产权是使东盟成为一个高度创新和具有经济竞争力的地区的关键因素。东盟已经目睹了知识产权申请的异常增长,20132017年增长了近15%[1],东盟申请总申请在过去的十年中超过37000,20082013平均每年增长12.5% .[2]东盟预计2030将成为第四大经济体


As a member of ASEAN, Laos ranks among one of the fastest growing economies in the world and in Asia and is a key emerging ASEAN market of 7 million people. Laosgrowth over the last five years has averaged 7.9% per year and the Laos government is set to achieve a GDP growth of at least 7.5% per annum in its five-year social-economic development plan.[3]




[1] Source: ASEAN IP Portal

[2] Source: State of innovation in ASEAN 2018 report by IPOS-International

[3] Source: 8 th Five Year National Socio-economic Development Plan (2016-2020) by the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Laos






Schools Own Fluco FTrademark



Spurred by last years debate over the Rainbow F,Fluvanna County Public Schools sought and now legally own the logo.On Nov. 12 the schools notified the press it trademarked the Fluco Flying F.Superintendent Chuck Winkler said only the shape of the Fis trademarked, not the colors.




Any use of the Fluco Foutside of district sponsored items, activities, or student projects will require permission,Winker said. We purposefully kept the color blank (neutral) since we know there are a variety of colors in use now and maybe in the future (i.e. camo, blue, yellow, rainbow, etc.). In essence, we own the rights to the F, so any changes will go through FCPS.


凡在地区赞助的项目、活动或学生项目之外使用Fluco F”,都需要获得许可。我们有意保持颜色空白(中性),因为我们知道现在和将来会有各种各样的颜色在使用(比如迷彩、蓝色、黄色、彩虹等)。本质上,我们拥有“F”的权利,所以任何改变都要经过FCPS


In October 2018 the High School Alliance Club asked the Board for permission to alter the colors of the logo from the blue and gold to those of the rainbow.The group, who said they are allies to Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Questioning people, did not ask to permanently change the logo.Students said they wanted to print the rainbow F on stickers, t-shirts and other items to show support for those students who are often maligned by society.




On Jan. 9, the Board voted to allow the rainbow color change. Three Board members abstained: Charles Rittenhouse (Cunningham), Brenda Pace (Palmyra) and Andrew Pullen (Columbia). Shirley Stewart (Rivanna) and Perrie Johnson (Fork Union) voted for.




That debate sparked a renewed interest in trademarking the logo.Before the Board meeting on Wednesday (Nov. 13) Winkler said if the Board decides to take up the issue of other altered logos, they can.From now on if someone wants to modify the logo they must put in a request to the superintendent, who will then present it to the Board,Winkler said.The Board will have to determine what metrics it will use to grant or deny changes, Winkler said, and will likely take up the issue either in December or January.





AuthorRuthann Carr