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Club Arcada in St. Charles named in music copyright lawsuit


St. Charles Arcad俱乐部音乐版权被起诉


The American Society of Composers, Authors and PublishersASCAP has filed lawsuits against 19 bars and restaurants across the U.S., including Club Arcada in St. Charles, alleging copyright infringement.


美国作曲家、作家和出版商协会对全美包括位于St. Charles Arcada俱乐部在内19家酒吧和餐馆提起了诉讼指控其侵犯了版权。


The lawsuit was a last resort,said ASCAP Vice President of Legal Affairs and Business Matters Jackson Wagener, who said it comes after unauthorized public performances of its memberscopyrighted musical works.


 ASCAP负责法律事务和商业事务的副总裁杰克逊·瓦格纳(Jackson Wagener)表示,其成员受版权保护的音乐作品在未经授权的情况下被公开表演这起诉讼“最后的手段”。


The suit, filed Monday against 19 venues including Club Arcada and Ronald Onesti, who owns the operations of the Arcada Theatre where the club is located, argues that ASCAP representatives have made more than 40 attempts to contact the club to offer them a license concerning copyrighted works.


周一,Arcada俱乐部和俱乐部所在Arcada剧院的运营权所有者Ronald Onesti19个场馆被提起诉讼。诉讼称,ASCAP的代表已经做了40多次尝试联系俱乐部,向他们提供有关版权作品的许可。


The club is on the third floor of the Arcada Theatre in downtown St. Charles. Wagener said the Arcada Theatre was previously licensed starting in 2012 and the license was terminated in early 2019. Both the club and theater need separate licenses and the club has never obtained one, he said.Wagener said once a license is obtained, the lawsuit will be dismissed. The settlement would account for getting a license and for the prior period when the club did not have a license, Wagener said.


该俱乐部位于St. Charles市中心的Arcada剧院三楼。瓦格纳说,Arcada剧院之前在2012年就已经获得了许可,并在2019年初终止。他说,该俱乐部和剧院都需要单独的许可证,而该俱乐部从未获得过许可证。他亦表示,一旦获得执照,诉讼将被驳回。和解协议将包括获得执照和俱乐部之前没有执照的时期。


The non-profit ASCAP represents more than 725,000 independent songwriters and composers. It says its mission is to obtain fair compensation for public performance and to distribute royalties collected based on those performances.




The average cost to license bars and restaurants amounts to less than $2 per day for the right to play an unlimited amount of music from ASCAPs catalog of 11.5 million songs, officials with the organization said. The license cost depends on various factors, such as the size of the venue, frequency that live music is played and if the establishment has a cover charge for admission, Wagener said.









WIPO Conference As the UDRP Turns 20

世界知识产权组织会议- UDRP成立20周年


On October 21, 2019, WIPO commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) with a Conference at its Headquarters in Geneva.




Born in 1999 as a solution to the problem of bad faith registration of domain names, the WIPO-designed UDRP remains a vital enforcement online tool.  It has so far been used by brand owners from around the world in over 45,000 cases filed with WIPOs Arbitration and Mediation Center with record WIPO UDRP case filing levels continuing.




Over 250 brand owners, trademark practitioners, counsel, and other Internet stakeholders, including representatives from INTA and ICANN and some 140 WIPO UDRP Panelists, attended the historic event.


超过250名品牌所有者、商标从业人员、律师和其他互联网利益相关者,包括来自INTAICANN的代表以及大约140WIPO UDRP小组成员,参加了这一历史性的活动。


The Conference program looked at a range of informative statistics, heard about the inner workings of the panel decisionmaking process, and looked back at how key legal consensus has developed notably including as to the UDRPs ability to evolve with the Domain Name System over the years.




Conference sessions also addressed ADR system design in the Internet platform context and the use of technology to proactively combat trademark-infringing domain name registrations.




A session moderated by leading experts David Bernstein of Debevoise & Plimpton and Zak Muscovitch of the Internet Commerce Association took stock of participantsviews on potential changes to the UDRP which is scheduled to undergo a formal review by ICANN beginning in the course of 2020.  The unanimous votein the room was that more harm than good could come from making changes and that ICANN should not take the future success and stability of the UDRP lightly.


Debevoise & Plimpton的首席专家David Bernstein和互联网商业协会的Zak Muscovitch主持的会议,总结了与会者对UDRP潜在变化的看法。UDRP计划于2020年开始接受ICANN的正式审查。会议室里一致“投票”认为,做出改变弊大于利,ICANN不应轻视UDRP未来的成功和稳定。





Apple might have taken control of the 'AirTag' trademark



Then references to "AirTags" were found in iOS 13.2. And now a trademark for "AirTag" has been found following some excellent MacRumors sleuthing.According to their findings a Russian company filed a trademark application for "AirTag" in October 2018. The description filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office sounds very similar to what we've been expecting Apple to announce for some time.


iOS 13.2中发现了“AirTags”。现在“AirTag”的商标已经在一些优秀的MacRumors调查之后被发现。根据他们的调查结果,一家俄罗斯公司于201810月提交了“AirTag”商标申请。向美国专利商标局提交的描述听起来与我们期待苹果公司一段时间后公布的内容非常相似。


After some back-and-forth the application was approved in August of 2019. And on August 28th, the links to Apple started to appear.On August 28, the same day the USPTO officially served notice that the trademark application would be published for opposition on September 17, the attorney on the application was changed to the Moscow office of Baker & McKenzie.



But that wasn't the patent application's final resting place. Instead, a month later, it moved again. This time to a Delaware company thought to be a dummy outfit for wait for it Apple.



A month later, on October 1, ownership of the trademark application was officially transferred to GPS Avion LLC, a company that was only just created in July 2019 and appears to have no public presence. GPS Avion was created in Delaware through the Corporation Trust Company, which is a process Apple has used quite a few times to create shell companies in order to hide its identity when dealing with intellectual property issues.


一个月后,也就是101日,商标申请的所有权正式移交给GPS Avion LLC,这家公司成立于20197月,目前似乎还没有公开露面。GPS Avion是在特拉华州通过公司信托公司(Corporation Trust Company)创建的,苹果曾多次利用这一过程创建空壳公司,以便在处理知识产权问题时隐藏自己的身份。


None of this ultimately confirms that Apple now holds the trademark for "AirTag" but it does show that someone does. And considering Apple's use of "AirTags" in iOS 13.2 it's highly unlikely that company isn't related to Apple in some way.


所有这些都不能最终证明苹果现在拥有AirTag”的商标,但它确实表明有人拥有。考虑到苹果在iOS 13.2中使用的“AirTags”,在某种程度上,这家公司不太可能与苹果公司没有关系。


Given the lack of an October media event, and the fact iOS 13.2 references the new tracking accessory, we expect to see AirTags announced soon.


由于没有10月份的媒体活动,而且iOS 13.2也提到了新的追踪配件,我们预计很快就会看到airtag的发布。