FORIDOM is skilled in providing one-stop legal service related to patent for enterprises. FORIDOM has distinctive advantages on patent application in the field of Internet Plus, computers, communication, big data and integrated circuit. FORIDOM has much experience in patent invalidation, patent analysis warning and international patent application.

Invention Patent

Utility Model Patent

Designing Patent

Patent Searching Patent Mining Patent Application Accelerated Examination Patent Invalidation Patent Analysis Patent Training Patent Strategy

Standard Process

Standardization of service process is an effective guarantee to ensure the quality of each case, especially in the right confirmation field of patent & trademark. High quality authorization is the cornerstone of the precipitation and transformation of the follow-up value. We’re fully aware of the risks for enterprises caused by the uncertainty of right confirmation.

Therefore, FORIDOM subdivided the key points of processes in each case. In addition FORIDOM created unique system of standard process like 21 steps in patent application. FORIDOM refine each step of the work guide and implement overall control by subdividing the key points of processes. We control the quality and time of the case simultaneously to ensure the quality and certainty of the case. So far, the service model of FORIDOM has been selected into the construction project of Shanghai Science and Technology Intermediary Service System. Our value lies in serving for Innovation , innovating for Service and creating possibilities constantly.

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Professional Consultation
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Rights Confirmation
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    S01: Consultation

    S02: Technology Plan Communication

    S03: Technology Plan Mining

    S04: Invention Place Confirmation

    S05: Novelty Searching on Technology Plan

    S06:Technology Content Supplement

    S07: Core Technology Features Confirmation

    S08: Independent Claims Construction

    S09:Technology Theme Examination

    S10: Core Independent Claims Checking

    S11: Creative Searching on Technology Plan

    S12: Dependent Claims Layout

    S13: Claims Group Layout

    S14: Claims Annotation & Interpretation

    S15: Claims Confirmation & Revision

    S16: Instructions Composition

    S17: Implement Example Supplement

    S18: Rights Correspondence

    S19: Instructions Confirmation & Supplement

    S20: Final Text

    S21: Filing Patent Application

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Rights Protection
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Asset Management
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Technological Innovation is the Core Driving Force

Protection Internationalization

Patent protection has strong regional characteristics. Without international protection, the products can not have access to foreign markets.

Technology Systematization

The systematic patent technology is the most effective way to build the enterprise's technological competitiveness.

Technology Capitalization

Patent is the core asset of the enterprise. Licensing, pledging and assignment is the effective way of realization.

Technology Monopolization

To guarantee the competitive advantage of technology in specific areas. Without patent, the monopoly premium can not be obtained