FORIDOM is skilled in providing litigation and consulting service

related to patent, trademark, copyright, business secrets, domain

 name and anti-illegitimate competition for enterprises. FORIDOM

has much experience in special intellectual property legal counsel、

intellectual property litigation and administrative complaints.

Legal Counsel

FORIDOM is skilled in providing legal service in intellectual property strategic planning, risk management and control, infringement warning, competition monitoring, compliance examination, customized training and management system for enterprises. FORIDOM also provides all - around support for fast growing technology companies.

Litigant Rights Protection

FORIDOM focuses on litigation legal services and is highly experienced in administrative rights confirmation litigation and intellectual property tort litigation. FORIDOM’s business also includes intellectual property criminal proceedings, and antitrust legal affairs.

Administrative Rights Protection

FORIDOM keeps good communication with local law enforcement departments, including industrial and commercial department, customs department and quality supervision department. FORIDOM makes a good foundation of rights protection and ensure the cases to be handled timely, fairly and effectively.

FORIDOM Litigation Procedure

Customers Requirements

Conflict Interests Searching

Legal Consultation

Preliminary Work Plan

Risk Assessment

Legal Documents Drafting

Laws and Regulations & Cases Searching

Plan Confirmation

Legal Service Plan

Agreement Signing

Evidence Collection

Cases Discussion

Cases Simulation

Hearing Preparing

Trial Attendance

Cases Conclusion

Dossier Filing

Referee Documents Convey

After-court Agent Statement