FORIDOM is skilled in providing one-stop legal service related to copyright protection for enterprises. Internet and digital evolution are the biggest challenge to copyright because of its convenient spread and extensive influence, making the rights of the copyright holder in an unstable state. FORIDOM also have much experience in rights confirmation & registration of copyright and rights protection. FORIDOM can provide the comprehensive copyright strategy for copyright owners in copyright registration, technology protection, infringement prevention and infringement counterplea, helping copyright owners Maximize their own rights by using uncertainty.

Computer Software Copyright Registration

Ordinary Work Copyright Registration

Copyright Broker

Copyright registration is the record confirmation of copyright in legal form. As a registration procedure, without the opposite evidence, the completion date and copyright owner of the work which has been registered is approved by law. Copyright is a kind of complicated right in intellectual property right. The correct understanding of the work types and the corresponding right is the key to deal with such disputes. Usually, it’s very difficult to confirm the publication time and copyright owners, so the complete registration record is one of the prerequisites for dealing with such disputes.

Copyright Broker

One of the most effective means to maximize the value of copyright industry in intellectual property, such as the industry of film and television, books, comic and animation, music, etc.

Copyright is the Core Value of Cultural and Creat

Comic and Animation Brand



Authorization Content

AnimationImage、Music、Outline, etc

Trademark RightImage、 Name, etc

Patent RightOutward Appearance、VR Technology, etc

Commercialization RightDerivatives、Franchise, etc

Authorization Method
Value transformation

Copyright Issue

Copyright Adaptation

Brand AuthorizationImage Copyright、Trademark & Patent, Derivatives

Authorization Channels
Cooperation Forms

Traditional PlatformsCinema, TV Station, Radio Station, Books, etc

Internet PlatformsTencent, Iqiyi, Youku, Letv, Xiaomi, IPTV, etc

New Media PlatformsChina Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Airlines, Railway Companies, Mobile Media, etc

Film and Television company, Game company, Performing Company, etc

Derivatives Production EntityToys、Digital, Clothing and Shoes、Digital Entertainment, etc

Cooperation ChannelsShopping Counters, Animation Stores, Exhibition, Performance